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Firm Profile

We represent people. We represent people who have been injured or had loved ones killed in automobile accidents, or who have been otherwise killed or injured because of the negligence of others. We represent people who have civil matters or other problems that need to be resolved. We are here to help.

The philosophy of the firm is that we will treat people with respect and dignity, honestly and openly, as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Our goal in every case is a successful resolution and a satisfied client.

Our attorneys practice regularly in the District and Superior Courts of Rowan County, N.C.

As an example of our work, consider personal injury and traffic matters. Most personal injuries occur as a result of automobile accidents. Almost without exception, the person at fault has violated one or more of the traffic laws-the same traffic laws police write tickets for every day. Since the same laws are being enforced by the same law enforcement personnel who are investigating the accidents (and often in front of the same judges who hear the accident cases at trial), working in traffic court helps us establish a rapport with the officers and ensures that we are familiar with the latest developments with respect to those laws. Similarly, working in criminal court helps us maintain the trial skills (including application of the laws of evidence) used in automobile accident and other civil cases, which likewise are usually heard by the same judges who hear the criminal cases. This allows us to learn the judges’ tendencies and expectations and allows them to form opinions about us as well. We believe all of these different areas work together to help us provide the best representation possible in each case.